Alert! New Currency Transaction Report and Suspicious Activity Report Update

This webinar will look at these two FinCEN reports in a line-by-line fashion. You will receive an updated handbook for the new CTR released in the summer with examples of how to complete the new form. We will also review step-by-step SAR narratives and crimes. Learn how to get these forms correct for your examiners this year!

Covered Topics:

  • New CTR fields and pages
  • New CTR Handbook with all the changes and examples of how to complete
  • Line by Line look at the SAR, the crimes and the narrative
  • Updated SAR Handbook filled with new crimes and cyber situations
  • Easy reference materials and clear concise education on these two forms

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers, Coordinators, CTR Staff, Investigators and all BSA Support Staff

"Great clarification of information for CTR and SAR.  Was nice validation and refreshment of my understanding on CTR and SAR filing." -- Karen Nelson, Lincoln County Bank