Digital Marketing: Deep Dive

Digital marketing is a complex landscape. The rate of evolution is astounding. Consumers are changing their habits every few years. Remember Myspace? Do you have your Snapchat account yet? New technologies are constantly being introduced, and there’s no shortage of partners. Many vendors only provide part of the solution. With the induction of big data, the digital landscape that exists today is drastically different than five years ago. If you haven’t kept up, you are wasting money. In this presentation, we are going to start from the foundation and quickly build up. We understand how digital marketing fits with marketing and the organization generally. We will provide you a framework to think about your digital marketing activities and start to understand how they are all interconnected. Finally, we will talk about specific tools and techniques that are available in the market. We’ll explore when and why you should use different tools depending on the circumstance or your objective. This presentation will be a deep dive into digital marketing geared towards people who have responsibility over marketing initiatives.

Covered Topics:

  • Digital marketing provides a new set of tools to solve different marketing problems but understanding the problem is the first step in a marketing strategy.
  • The tools of digital marketing are broadly grouped as: Search, web, email, social, video, and display. We’ll provide a high-level overview of the targeting and tracking capabilities of these different channels.
  • Finish by reviewing case studies where we have successfully applied digital channels.

Who Should Attend?

People who have responsibility over marketing initiatives.