How CEOs Can Maintain a Competitive Edge: The Importance of Integrating Stress Testing, Strategic Planning, CECL and M&A

The time to get ready for the new current expected credit loss model (CECL) is now. As CEOs and boards know, there are many challenges facing community banks today besides CECL. They include an inevitable industry consolidation, slowing loan growth, rising interest rates and regulatory pressure on commercial real estate concentrations. All these issues are driven by the same foundation: loans and deposits. And they need to be solved in tandem. The combination of these unique challenges warrant an analytical approach that is not only capable of recognizing, but also capitalizing on a rapidly changing banking environment. In other words, how banks get ready for CECL can have a significant impact on other challenges they face. CECL goes hand-in-hand with strategic and capital planning, as well as stress testing. This session will educate attendees about the best way to get ready for CECL that will help them maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Learning Objectives:

Bankers will learn why they should approach CECL with a strategic lens, rather than a compliance one. Attendees will learn what they must know to get ready for CECL implementation to maximize profitability.

Who Should Attend?

C Suite & the Board Room