Building Beneficial Ownership Procedures - New FinCEN FAQs Included

Alert! FinCEN issues new FAQs that have a big impact on your May 11th deadline.

Are you ready? We are focusing on the workflow and the adoption of beneficial ownership and controlling person procedures. This program will have up to the minute information on Customer Due Diligence from the procedural side.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to handle renewals
  • How to handle multi-tiered entities
  • How to train your personnel
  • Business that don't quite fit the definitions--Business Trusts, IOLTAs and more
  • CTR issues
  • Setting up procedures for CIP for beneficial owners
  • Storage of beneficial ownership in the core system
  • And much much more...

Who Should Attend?

BSA and support staff, operations both deposit and loans, core support personnel and everyone at the frontline