Calling All Trainers: Engage Your Learner Start to Finish

It’s one thing to conduct training in the workplace. It’s another thing to learn when you attend a training session, and the two don’t always go hand‐in‐hand. The ultimate goal of all dedicated trainers is to facilitate learning that ensures people learn what we want to teach them. Join one of the nation’s top-rated trainers for uncovering how to make training powerful, useful, practical, and engaging.

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the Process & Problems from the User’s Perspective
  • Assess Your Audience
  • Market and Promote Training
  • Adult Learning is Selective
  • Connect the Dots from What to How and Why
  • Prime the Learning Pump
  • Information Overload Won’t Result in Skill Building
  • Keep it Relevant & Immediately Useful
  • Encourage and Manage Creative Involvement
  • Offer High-Value Deliverables
  • Pour on the Positive Learning Reinforcement

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who builds and delivers training that the desire is for learning to occur.