Incentives, Ethics, Account & Loan Growth

In November of 2016, The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB, warned financial companies about sales and production incentives that may lead to fraud or consumer abuse. How does an organization know if employee’s goals fall under this warning?

This webinar will discuss several related issues regarding incentives, ethics and how to grow both the account and loan portfolio. These issues are all intertwined.

Covered Topics:

  • Ethics In Banking – Putting What Is Most Important At The Forefront
  • Motivating Employees, The Incentives– What Works and What Does Not Work
  • Incentives For Clientele - Be It Clients, Customers or Members
  • Ideas To Grow Both The Account And Loan Portfolio

Attendees will leave with a plan of action, a plan they can put into immediate practice. They will learn the specifics and background that caused this warning to be issued by the CFPB. Finally, participants will learn concrete steps to avoid negative publicity that can occur when an organization places the wrong goal at the forefront. As a major commercial bank found out publicity of this type is not what you want.

Note: Issues relating to compliance and legalities will not be covered nor is any legal or compliance rulings or advice being presented.

Who Should Attend?

All those responsible for setting goals, objectives, and incentive plans. This includes senior management, board members, supervisors of new accounts, tellers, and loan officers. Additionally, marketing personnel would benefit.