Presenting Powerfully

Presenting Powerfully helps you to create high-profile, articulate, and memorable slide presentations that will enable your audience to make informed decisions. You will learn to design high-impact slides, transition between ideas, craft powerful language, and employ polished platform skills-all with an eye toward cultivating your professional presence when presenting business-critical information.

What You Will Learn:

  • Identify the key elements of presenting powerfully
  • Create quality, audience-centered content
  • Compose visuals that focus and move the audience
  • Employ excellent platform skills

Who Should Attend?

You will want to attend this webinar if you want to become a master presenter. The workshop will cover all you need to know about presenting in this four-part program: 

  • Challenges – Identify key elements of presenting powerfully, the biggest problems with slide design and presentation delivery as well as techniques for overcoming them.
  • Graphics – Create powerful visuals that capture the high points, use visual design approaches of master presenters to complement your spoken message, and discover the theories that support them.
  • Content – Establish objectives for a highly focused presentation, focus content on the audience’s concerns, and deliver ideas with greater authority, impact, and persuasion;
  • Delivery – Use the Physical Big Five and the Vocal Big Five in rendering memorable content and polished speaker’s platform skills, overcome presentation anxiety, transition smoothly between ideas to heighten impact, and proactive listening and responding.