These People Drive Me Crazy

Headache Remedies and Other Pain Relievers When Leading Others

Some days it just does not pay to get out of bed! Ever said that? Most of us that supervise others find there are just some people that can drive us crazy! This program will provide you with excellent coaching tactics on dealing with the challenging people issues that frequent the workplace.

This program will examine the groundwork that must be laid in your work environment for creating important boundaries. You are ready to put an end to allowing people who sabotage teamwork or those few that refuse to pull their load this program is for you!

You will enjoy hearing Honey Shelton, one of the nation's top coaching trainers, discuss ideas and solutions for improving communication, teamwork, production, and morale. Have your pen handy as you take note of how to let others no longer drive you crazy. Learn key dialog techniques that address poor choices by negative or difficult people.

The primary focus of this webinar is to help you find and elevate the management competencies required to excel at preventing and reducing stress. Plus, you will polish the skills you need to excel in all important relationships.

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding yourself and others - motivation, how it works
  • Creating a work environment everyone wants to work in
  • Become knowledgeable about Choice Theory – what it is, how to apply it
  • Implement ground rules, expectations and goals
  • Respect – give it and address it when you do not receive it
  • Practice emotional containment and professional maturity
  • Excel at communication
  • Managing tricky situations and difficult behaviors
  • Coaching – what works, what does not work
  • Consequences vs. punishment

Who Should Attend?

Everyone that leads or manages others and those that train those groups.