Success with Servant Leadership

Join us for this 90-minute Success with Servant Leadership webinar. Every manager and supervisor can build higher-performing teams by using the leadership concepts shared in this session.

Covered Topics:

  • A brief history of servant leadership
  • Nine qualities of a servant leader
  • Five practices of a servant leader
  • The link between servant leadership and employee engagement
  • Practical tips to use servant leadership in banking
  • Accountability in a servant leadership environment

Who Should Attend?

A message from the presenter, Bill Florin:

"Servant leadership can mean different things to different people. In our webinar, we will be emphasizing the role of leaders as a resource for their people, professionals who create and share vision while empowering others to think, solve problems, and drive toward goals.

Being a servant leader does not mean being a doormat. Effective servant leadership incorporates maturity, honesty, and accountability balanced with recognition and empowerment. We will discuss how all of these come together in the servant leadership construct to create and enhance high-functioning teams of engaged people who care about their work, their customers, and their objectives.

I assure you that you will come away with ideas you can use right away to be a better leader. And when you lead better, your team performs better. You and your organization succeed."