Writing Deposit Operations Procedures

What is deposit operations? Yes, everything but loans. So how do we write procedures for something so broad? This program will provide a starting place with an enormous research book to help you get those procedures written. Get started with managing this project so the next deposit operations manager has an overview on how the bank runs. This webinar covers Reg D, E, CC and DD. A special look at ODP and everything but loans from the back of the house.

Covered Topics

  • Returns
  • Stop Payments
  • Forgeries, unauthorized access and forged endorsements
  • Holds on checks
  • Substitute Checks
  • Death issues
  • Overdrafts
  • Debit Cards, credit cards and prepaid cards
  • Reg D savings account procedures
  • Checking CIP
  • And much much more

Who Should Attend?

Deposit Operations, Account Services, Bookkeeping, call centers and training.