Executive Total Compensation – Strategies to Motivate and Incent

This will focus on the primary elements of the executive total compensation package and how these elements can be utilized to motivate and incentivize members of the senior leadership team to effectively achieve the Bank’s strategic goals. We discuss the current compensation environment and trends in the use of short-term and long-term incentive plans, as well as executive benefits and perquisites that are commonly found in community and regional banks. We incorporate applicable regulatory guidelines and discuss how to avoid “excessive risk-taking” while still attracting, motivating, and incenting the Bank’s leaders.

Covered Topics

  • Summary total compensation market values from the Blanchard Compensation Survey & databases
  • Annual Cash Incentives/Bonuses – Common components such as prevalence of plan types, plan design, performance metrics & payouts, risk & regulation
  • Long-Term Incentives/Equity Awards – Types of vehicles, prevalence & usage, performance & vesting, goals, ownership requirements
  • Executive Benefit Programs – Types of supplemental retirement/benefit programs to recruit and retain top executives and key producers.

Who Should Attend?

HR Directors, CFO’s and CEO’s.