Psychology of Robbery

This program will take a look inside the head of a bank robber. Learn what their motivating factors are and why they do what they do. When a potential robber walks through the front door, the actions or inactions of the financial institution’s staff can have a definite impact on what happens next. Learn what the courage desk is and how it’s used in the robber’s decision making process. We’ll review factors that make your institution a favorable target and discuss tactics that can aid in reducing that likelihood.


  • Think like a bank robber.
  • How to observe and evaluate your surroundings.
  • Psychological tactics to dissuade a potential robber.
  • How to best react to a robbery in progress.

Who Should Attend?

Security Officer, Facilities Director, Branch Management, Frontline Staff

"This was an excellent overview of bank robberies and will provide very useful information for out staff training." -- Chuck Tennesson, Cashier, First Financial Bank, N.A.