New Account Interview Business Accounts: CIP, Risk and Beneficial Ownership

Getting to know your account holder is not as easy as it used to be. Now we search out nature, purpose and source of the money and the customer activity. We learn who the beneficial owners are and we risk rate all customer accounts and relationships. Learn how to direct the conversation to get the compliance results you want.

You will receive: A business account script and compliance worksheet. You will receive a business account handbook.

What You Will Learn

  • What types of business accounts are available
  • How to ask nature, source and purpose questions
  • Developing specialty questions for MSBs, MRBs, TPPPs and more
  • Work with multiple tiers of business accounts
  • Learn about beneficial owners and control persons
  • Risk rate the customer
  • And much more..

Who Should Attend?

New Accounts, Deposit Operations, Deposit Compliance, BSA, Training and all branch personnel