Advertising Compliance

Join David Dickinson of Banker’s Compliance Consulting for a two-hour webinar dissecting the rules and regulations related to Advertising Compliance.

Advertising is a unique situation for most banks in that several different regulations can all come into play for one, single ad. Marketing personnel aren't always experts with the technical aspects of these requirements and those responsible for regulatory compliance aren't often included the process until after an advertisement has been published.

What You Will Learn

  • FDIC signage and advertising rules
  • The Fair Housing Act
  • Deposit Insurance
  • Truth in Lending
  • Truth in Savings
  • Sample Rate Sheet
  • Non-Deposit Investments
  • Lobby Disclosures
  • Web Sites
**Lotteries and sweepstakes will not be covered.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for anyone responsible for either producing or reviewing advertisements for compliance.

"As a new marketing employee, new to the banking industry, this was extremely helpful in the basics of advertising compliance." -- Heidi Fedders, Director of Marketing, MBT Bank

"David made compliance education fun to listen to." - Brittany H, Bucks County Bank

"The speaker was excellent and kept things interesting. The presentation was clear, concise, and easy enough for a marketing person to understand." - Rebecca Tudor, The Milford Bank

Note: For this webinar, all questions submitted before or during the webinar will be answered during the live webinar, even if the time required exceeds two hours. If you register for any of our options (Live, OnDemand, CD) and would like to pre-submit questions before the live webinar date, please email those to When planning for the webinar, please allow extra time at the end if you wish to hear the Q&A. We regret that questions cannot be answered after the live webinar.