10 Deadly Habits of Dysfunctional Teams and What to Do About Them

The one thing that changes everything in the workplace is trust. Nothing is as fast as the speed of trust whether we are talking about building it or destroying it. Dysfunctional teams can poison the culture of your company. This webinar zeroes in on the principle of behavior and team dynamics.

Do you have a team where everyone is steamrolling each other’s opinion? Does the group meet infrequently and lack directions? Do some team members feel like outsiders? Is the team led in a way that encourages superiority but lacks integrity?

Join one of the industry’s top trainers and learn how to excel at building teams that take your company where it wants to go. Teams that your staff are proud to be a part of and that retain top talent.

Covered Topics

Honey Shelton will teach you what to do about these 10 deadly habits:

  1. Keeps up the talk, seldom walks the walk
  2. Demands respect
  3. Secret agenda
  4. Can’t own being wrong
  5. Expects loyalty without earning it
  6. Accountability doesn’t apply to them
  7. Vague expectations
  8. No need for learning
  9. Distrust is the norm
  10. Focus on others’ track record

Who Should Attend?

Leaders, supervisors, managers and team members that are searching for strategies that help teams excel at building trust, accountability, and delivering results.