Onboarding Your New Hire

For Banks That Are Serious About Taking Onboarding Up a Notch

This dynamic program will help raise the bar when it comes to engaging and training new employees from the start. Showcase your culture to your new hires. Want some ideas on how to polish your culture? Those ideas are included in this highly popular topic.

How do you check all the required boxes while still maintaining the interest of your new hire? Wow them with a genuine interest and care in their success with your organization. Learn how to excel at new employee onboarding.

What You Will Learn

  • Polish up your culture and get the word out about it to everyone
  • Showcase your culture in every job interview and every launch of a new hire
  • How to set the tone for success?
  • The Four C's of onboarding: Compliance, Clarification, Culture and Connection
  • Using the first two weeks of employment as a launching board
  • Create an engaged employee from the start.
  • Best practices to wow the new hire
  • What is employee engagement?
  • How do I train a new hire effectively?
  • Provide coaching and support

Who Should Attend?

All call center managers, teller supervisors, HR, executive managers and branch managers

"This was a great afternoon of training!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Honey is such a fabulous presenter! I've been participating in her classes for years and years, and this is probably my favorite one thus far! It always amazes me how she is able to captivate her audience so genuinely, by just being on the phone!!!  Using little things like long pauses of silence, keep participants like me on the edge of my seat!" -- Alice Price, SVP Training Officer, Bank of the Ozarks