Writing Effective Business Reports

Writing across multiple industries and disciplines in an ever-evolving marketplace demands efficient techniques for reporting to a wide audience with contrasting concerns. Business reporting requirements vary based on several factors:

  • Industry culture – Technical industries usually require an in-depth attention to history, methodology, and options, while sales-oriented businesses focus on results-based details.
  • Business purpose – Descriptive reports require facts, analytical reports extend from facts to judgments, and persuasive reports stretch beyond judgments to recommendations.
  • Audience concerns – Many departments within a company might have interests in reports specific to their discipline, including Accounting, Compliance, Legal, Marketing, Production, Risk Management, Sales, and Security, among others.
  • Archival considerations – Reporters need to reflect not only on the business situation but historical and legacy issues; as emerging projects develop, old models become frameworks for newer ones.

What You Will Learn

This webinar offers a deep toolbox for writing a broad range of comprehensive business reports through a fluid process that ensure clarity and conciseness. Using the ESP method—Efficiency, Sufficiency, and Proficiency—you will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Apply a disciplined approach to various report-writing situations
  • Create report templates for a broad range of topics
  • Develop a full range of work-related reports efficiently
  • Draft reports efficiently and painlessly
  • Revise cohesively to support the purpose of the report
  • Edit skillfully with clarity, conciseness, and correctness
  • Proofread for high-quality messages

Who Should Attend?

This webinar addresses the reporting concerns of business leaders, department managers, team supervisors, HR consultants, or individual contributor. You will want to attend this webinar if you write a broad range of business reports or are transitioning into a reporting-intensive discipline.