The Power of Storytelling

Data does not move us to make business decisions; its underlying value does. We create specific goals not merely to operate our business, but to realize what matters most to us. We are in business not simply to make money, but to make a real difference in people’s lives. If we hold these statements as truths, how do we tie the pathos of everyday life with our business commitments, objectives, and conduct? Through the power of story.

This webinar offers you practical insights into the time-honored tradition of storytelling. You will get an overview of storytelling theory and practice, including the value, benefits, traditions, and elements of story. You will learn to craft a broad range of stories that will enhance your credibility and win over your audience.

What You Will Learn

  • Tell stories to establish credibility with clients and colleagues.
  • Determine when using stories can best move an audience.
  • Unlock the elements of powerful storytelling.
  • Identify story structure and differentiate between characters.
  • Recognize traditions of stories and the key benefits of being a good storyteller.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for accounting professionals, banking managers, business forecasters, economic advisors, investment consultants, and risk analysts responsible for communicating across all levels within and outside their organization.