HMDA Advanced Lessons

Join David Dickinson from Banker’s Compliance Consulting for a two-hour webinar devoted to the more complicated areas associated with HMDA data collection and reporting. This is not a HMDA 101 class! David will provide understanding into the data fields that are giving banks the most headaches and help navigate a path to a higher level of HMDA understanding.

What You Will Learn

  • Is it a Dwelling?
  • Mixed-Use Property Scenarios
  • Clarifications for Complicated Data Points
  • Demographic Information Scenarios
  • Regulation C vs. Regulation B vs. TRID
  • N/A vs. Not Applicable vs. Leaving it Blank vs. $0
  • Action Taken Codes
  • The Filing Instruction Guide (FIG) and Much More!

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is designed for loan officers, loan processors, compliance, audit and other loan operations personnel.