Elder Financial Exploitation

One of the saddest and most disturbing crimes is watching our elderly suffer from financial exploitation. It could be a romantic scam, check scam, problem with a caregiver, unusual transactions of the customer’s account and it is costing your customer his or her life savings. What can you do? What is the response? During this program, we will look at the problem of elder abuse and see what our role can be in protecting our elderly.


  • How our elderly get compromised with online banking and debit cards
  • Romantic scams against our elder customers
  • Caregiver issues and problems
  • Detecting usual transactions for our elderly
  • Should and should nots for conservators, representative payees and trustees
  • Misuse of Powers of Attorneys
  • Red Flags for elder exploitations
  • Responses to financial exploitation

Who Should Attend?

Training, branch staff, branch managers, branch operations, BSA, security, call centers and lenders.