Indirect Lending

How to Improve and Strengthen Controls Over Indirect Lending

Do you have controls in place to adequately monitor your indirect loan program? Is your indirect staff/team aware of the importance and need for adequate controls over indirect lending and how indirect lending controls work?

Growing loan portfolios continues to be a major challenge for Banks and other financial institutions. For Banks and other financial institutions with an indirect loan program, indirect lending continues to present challenges that require a greater degree of risk assessment, control, monitoring and oversight than ever before.

Covered Topics

  • The controls needed for indirect lending programs today.
  • Criteria needed to provide adequate oversight of indirect loan programs.
  • How to improve and strengthen controls over indirect loan programs by more effective identification of the risks present within indirect lending.
  • Categories of indirect lending controls.
  • Controls necessary for “in-house” and “third-party” indirect lending.
  • Specific indirect lending tools and reports needed for every indirect loan program.
  • Validating controls over indirect loan program.
  • Controls over indirect loan “power-booking”.
  • CFPB’s indirect loan control perspectives.
  • And more.

Who Should Attend?

Bank loan management, bank indirect loan management, bank indirect loan officers, other bank indirect loan personnel, bank audit personnel, other personnel involved with indirect lending.