Business Development for All Responsible Parties

All financial institutions want a plan in place that ensures growth. Since the caveman bankers lived off of location and credibility, that’s history. This online seminar teaches those charged with business development responsibilities the primary skills, thought processes and behaviors necessary to expand relationships and to excel at client acquisition. Business development isn't about luck or magic. It's not about being pushy. It's about following a process, it's about having a plan, and becoming deliberate and on purpose when it comes to exploring and acquiring new business.

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What You Will Learn

Twelve Steps to Elevate Your Effectiveness

  1. Know and Exceed What is Expected
  2. Overcome Resistance and Other Detours
  3. Manage the Impression and Polish the Brand
  4. Sharpen Product Knowledge
  5. Become the Market Expert
  6. Identify Targets
  7. Set Goals
  8. Build Your Plan
  9. Execute Your Plan
  10. Use Best Practices for Effective Calls
  11. Document Your Effort and Your Results
  12. Follow Up; Follow Through

Branch managers, lenders and business development experts are obligated to represent the brand of the company, develop a tactic for knowing products and services, setting goals, building a sales performance plan that is well-managed, executed and adjusted in order to obtain the desired results.

Who Should Attend?

Branch managers, lenders, business development experts and those responsible for sales training and leading the way for growth.