Closing Accounts

When and how do we close accounts? How should the check be made out? What to do when customers disagree on closing the account. This program will focus on the personal account issues of closing accounts and taking off signers in this complex world.

What You Will Learn

  • What to do when the joint customers no longer want to be joint?
  • How to pay out a POD
  • How to change a trust from revocable to irrevocable?
  • How to change a business from one type to another?
  • Who has the right to remove names at death?
  • How to close a UTMA account?
  • What to do when customers want to remove a signer? Add a signer?
  • What happens when a representative payee is no longer needed
  • What happens when a guardian is no longer needed?
  • Issues on closing business accounts
  • What happens when a business is sold or dissolved
  • And many more difficult issues!

Who Should Attend?

Share Account Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, Personal Bankers, Branch Managers, and Branch Operations, Share Compliance Officer and Staff and all Share personnel will benefit from attending this webinar.