Rules of the Road at the Teller Window

Take your teller game up to the level of the pros. Learn how to work well with others and care for the customer. Find out how and when to cross-sell by building rapport with your customer.

What is your title today? Teller? Universal Associate? Branch Specialist? in many companies, the job of the teller has expanded. The job already came with a boatload of expectations and it seems more responsibilities are added every day. Join Honey Shelton as she introduces or reminds you of the essential expectations and Rules of the Road at the Teller Window.

Covered Topics

  • Elevate your Professional Maturity – what is it? How do you develop it to look and act the part of a professional banker?
  • Be Vigilant about Cash-Handling – know and practice the dos and don’ts. Safeguard your money and your decisions.
  • Scrutinize ID – make it difficult for scammers to do business with you. Know what to look for, what to say.
  • Best Practices for Dealing with High Risk Transactions – risk-management for new depositor transactions, considerations for less-cash deposits, and confidentiality best practices.

Who Should Attend?

Everyone that works a teller drawer or trains/leads/coaches others to do perform this important role at your bank.