Leadership Training and Development

Trainers, this one is for you!

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Starting a new position in Leadership requires more than soft skills. In the Banking industry, newly hired or promoted managers and supervisors may lack one of the following: leadership skills, banking basics, or technical expertise. To develop a well-rounded leader, all of these areas should be addressed. Preparing the new leadership requires a readiness training program that encompasses a complete picture of management success for your institution.

Just creating another leadership course does not guarantee success. A blended-learning approach that combines instructor-led and continuous education for the diligent professional.

This course it designed to provide you with all the tools necessary to design an effective leadership program at your institution. You will get real world examples of what has worked and what has not worked in departments just like yours.

Join one of the country’s premier training professionals to learn how to maximize the return on your limited resources.

What You Will Learn

  • Define essential leadership skills
  • What technical requirements are essential to the position
  • Banking Basics for employees new to the industry
  • What procedural changes come with the promotion

Who Should Attend?

New and existing Managers, supervisors, and leaders-in-training associates who require leadership readiness training or refresher training.