The Directors Education Series: Understanding Loan Pricing: More Than Just Matching the Competition

Today's pricing environment is very volatile, after the Federal Reserve had been raising rates over the last two years, then with rates heading down in mid-2019. This creates several immediate issues in terms of dealing with customers, including attempts by competing lenders to take some of your best borrowers with unusual or very low interest rate quotes with extended fixed-rate periods. Too often, your lenders and management explain the competing offer as just "desperation" or crazy. By not knowing how the competitor derived the offer, your bank ends up just meeting the competition.

There is a better approach, and this program provide several key steps to develop a strategy for combating the competing offers: (1) Providing options in your bank's rate quotes, (2) being proactive in determining "at risk" borrowers before the competition finds them, and (3) scouting the competition.

Other topics covered include:

  • Overview of Today's Pricing Environment
  • Rate Changes
  • Options for your Customers
  • Scouting the Competition
  • Key Elements of Loan Profitability
  • Battling the "Uncertainty Monster"

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training features:

  • Includes Audio, Video and Powerpoint.
  • PDF Handouts
  • Discussion Questions
  • 20-25 minutes in length (Perfect to show at your monthly board meeting!)
This program is a breakout session from the Directors Education Series, which is a subscription based Library containing over 50 trainings specifically for your Board of Directors. For more information on the Directors Education Series click on or go to You can email questions to or talk with a representative by calling 1-800-831-0678.

Who Should Attend?

This program is recommended for your Executive staff including every member on your Board of Directors.

We are loving the program for our Directors. Training has now become a more regular event and the format and timing of the training is just right for the BOD. They have found the information very helpful in understanding their roles as directors.” — Maureen Daehn, CFO, Maple Bank

After 42 years in Banking and now a Director, the series enables me to continue my knowledge in this ever changing industry! You're never too old to learn, and being a Director it's our responsibility to continue to learn for the good of our organizations.” — Gerald Schmidt, Board Member, Stephenson National Bank and Trust